Indy Projects

The Royal Christian Institute seeks to address school dropout rates, hunger and families struggling to stay together. We will secure space within a church in the Forest Manor neighborhood of Indianapolis. In this neighborhood about 35% of the families live in poverty. Due to the economic down turn of 2008, as many as 14% are unemployed and their children are ill equipped with the life skills needed to get or keep jobs or advance in school. Often these conditions contribute to maladjustments in school — which can lead to students dropping out.

Tutors will be an important corner-stone of our services. Each student will be assigned a tutor who will work with him/her student each year in the after-school program — until he/she graduates from grade school or high-school. We hope that the relationship the tutor is able to build with the student(s) — will be an important motivator for the youth as they strive to excel academically in a very competitive learning environment.

Many congregations have been active in picking up the pieces; providing shelter for the homeless and food for the hungry and support for the unemployed — but with the U.S. government cutting funding at all levels — there is a need for others to step up. Royal Christian Institute will work with churches who have a heart to impact families with youth family-oriented services.

Poverty and the need for parents to work multiple jobs forces their young ones to spend too much time unsupervised and hence unproductive. We will offer services and attempt to remedy this crippling affliction all year-round.

These services will be offered after-school hours — during the school year and an eight week summer program will be adapted around the school calendar in the various neighborhoods we have chosen to work in.

Adaptability of Royal Christian Institute’s youth services will be key. Indianapolis Public Schools are moving toward a year-around calendar where students will return to school earlier and have more frequent breaks during the school year. Our safety net of services will adapt to the school calendar for the neighborhood(s) where our students live.

Our students will benefit from a variety of learning tools: — Youth will improve their computer skills by learning tools develop presentations and conduct research using computers. Skills taught will be measurable and employ best practices from ideal learning environments across the country. This program will be evaluated using both qualitative and quantitative protocols. 

Major goals are:

(1) to ensure that our students stay competitive in the future — post high-school and in employment,
(2) to build lasting tutor-mentor relationships to help low-income families envision brighter options that first to graduate college in the family often only dream possible,
(3) we seek to create an atmosphere of community service where each child will one will teach one to bring up the community at-large.

Financial statements, strategic plans and evaluations/audits will be conducted monthly and annually as recommended. We will be accountable to all our stake holders, sponsors and funders. Youth services for Royal Christian Institute will include tests to measure our effectiveness at the beginning of every program and its conclusion as well.

Our program will be run by 10 staff members/teachers — some will be volunteers while others will receive a stipend. Our intention is to serve sixty children during the first year of the after-school program — starting in September of 2013. Our goal is to work with up to eighty children in our summer 2014 program. Each year we expect to grow our enrollment as our neighborhood partnerships, funding, and the demand increases.

  • Computer Training
  • Expression Through Art and Music
  • Life Skills Workshops
  • Sliding fee scale based on income
  • Pen-Pal Program with students in Liberia
  • History and Cultural Exchange between The U.S.A and Liberia
  • Community Service Projects

The Royal Christian Institute, Inc. — is committed to developing collaborations while improving opportunities for education, mentoring and economic development in Liberia, West Africa and Indianapolis, IN / United States and Internationally

Royal Christian Institute envisions a community in Liberia and Indianapolis were the children and youth we serve can read and write and transform that ability into new skills, values and careers to better their families and communities.

The basic values of dignity of the human person — social justice and equal access to opportunity — remain the core value of the Royal Christian Institute. While we embrace our Christian philosophy — we will be inclusive and admit and treat all students and parents as well as staff in an impartial way.

The basic values of dignity of the human person — social justice and equal access to opportunity — remain the core value of the Royal Christian Institute. While we embrace our Christian philosophy — we will be inclusive and admit and treat all students and parents as well as staff in an impartial way.

       1. Help youth develop better life skills to utilize community resources

       2. Encourage academic achievement

       3. Promote self-worth, respect and self-sufficiency

       4. Utilize music and celebrations to enhance cultural awareness

       5. Build bridges among countries

Royal Christian Institute believes it can equip youth for a lifetime of learning by literally implementing the popular phrase: “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.”.

Royal Christian Institute is committed to offering summer programs and after-school support services that foster academic achievement. We will provide programs that develop and stimulate the mind, body and soul. We will measure our programs by including the following features:

  • Individual attention to students using mentors and tutors
  • Motivate and offer incentives for parental involvement
  • A balanced curriculum including life skills training
  • Spiritual development opportunities
  • Through partnerships provide food, snacks and transportation

The Annie E. Casey Foundation — after years of research — has concluded that the more opportunities, resources and support that families can find in their neighborhoods — the more likely they are to receive the help sustenance they need to raise happy, healthy, confident, and successful children.

Despair can engulf parents and children living in poverty forcing them to move frequently and suffer bouts of homelessness. Mentors assigned to families through youth participation will work with families and social workers to minimize the disruption often felt within our families. Life skills workshops will be offered to parents.

Survival Skills Workshops — for men and women, will be offered in partnership with other non-profits in the area to reduce duplication and costs. We fully expect parents who attend these workshops to establish new and beneficial relationships.

Community partners will help by mentoring our youth to create development plans with goals that include educational attainment, community service and self-advocacy. Better leadership skills is another outcome we expect from year round youth services. Summer compensation will be built into our program giving each student a way to appreciate and develop good work ethics.