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The Royal Christian Institute — a non-profit organization based in Indianapolis, IN (USA) and Monrovia, Liberia (Africa) — is the brainchild and a product of the creative and humanitarian efforts of Ms. Rose T. Songor, a Liberian-American living in Indianapolis, Indiana (USA).

Ms. Rose Songor - President & CEO of Royal Christian Institute

Ms. Rose T. Songor – Founder & President of Royal Christian Institute.

Ms. Songor visited war-torn Liberia in 2010 – and saw first-hand the desperate need for educating the children of Monrovia. The three civil wars in Sierra Leone and Liberia left a legacy of poverty and social upheaval, especially for young citizens whose development was interrupted by conflict.

The sight of children living in abject poverty fueled and propelled Ms. Songor’s full commitment to championing the causes of children — not only in Liberia, but in her adopted city of Indianapolis, Indiana.

In 2012, motivated, focused and resolute — Ms. Songor founded “The Royal Christian Institute.” Her initial aim was to raise funds to build a school (The Royal Christian Institute) in Monrovia, Liberia, but having lived in Indianapolis for the almost thirty years — she decided to focus on the children of Indianapolis first. Ms. Songor strongly believes in the adage: “Charity Begins at Home,” and home is Indianapolis, Indiana. So while she still dreams of building the school in Monrovia, Liberia — there are children living right next to her in Indianapolis — who need her help.

Since 2012, the Royal Christian Institute has addressed the serious issue of insecurity in children by championing the provision of nutritious food to those in need. RCI operates a summer feeding and learning program in Forest Manor area of Indianapolis. A program designed to help them(the youth) remain focused on developmental and progressive activities when they are out of school.

We are highly motivated and we solicit help from individuals like you and organizations — to join us in our cause. The Royal Christian institute is a registered 501(c)(3) charity, and any contribution you make to us is tax-deductible. Please feel free to contact us at (317) 500-4483 or use the contact form — for any kind of queries.
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